These are articles that describe how to do certain actions.

  • HowTo Install Redmine_Taskjuggler
  • First, install Redmine. Then follow the instructions for installing of any plungin into Redmine. The redmine_taskjuggler plugin is available here: Specically, here are the download links: Here is the clone line if you have a GitHub link git clone So, here is what you do. cd into your Redmine directory. On my demo server that would be cd /opt/redmine/redmine-3.4.3/plugins/. The README says “Put your Redmine plugins here.

  • HowTo Server Install
  • This howto describes how to set up the Taskjuggler server daemon on Ubuntu. by Alexey Lukomskiy and Christopher Mann Introduction “Taskjuggler”: is release-planning and budget calculation open-source software. Once installed, Taskjuggler can be run from a command-line with the command “tj3” on Linux, Mac and Windows. TJ3 takes a Taskjuggler project file and includes as input and outputs varios reports in HTML, CSV, OpenWorkbench, and Microsoft Project.

  • HowTo Local Install
  • The Bitnami distributions of Redmine are available here: at the time of this writing, the installer bitnami-redmine-2.6.0-3-windows-installer.exe is about 200 Mb and took me, Christopher Mann, an hour to download. Download the corresponding package for your environment. Then follow the indications here: The standard Redmine installation doc is here, but we do not need it actually: Here is what happened during the setup wizard: There is a dialog durring my installation saying that my anti-virus will slow down my installation and that I should visit https://bitnami.