Miscellanious Notes

Some of these notes are still actionable.

  • Initial Architural Intentions
  • Overview Here are some thoughts about where I would like to push my plugins : Taskjuggler Workload PMO Workload Workload should : Transform the paradigm to days and not hours. It is a small but significant change that would make my life much more enjoyable. This would imply putting hour information in the task attributes, timesheet, time log entry. Basically, there would by an export filter on tasks that would export the time in days (even by units of 0,125 representing one hour).

  • Taskjuggler as a Service
  • Taskjuggler as a Service : * proposes and offers an open-source plugin Redmine_Taskjuggler with +Taskjuggler as planning management+ and +Redmine as a backlog tool+; * offers “Taskjuggler as a service”:http://redmine.mann.fr/projects/taskjuggler-as-a-service for simple cloud +use of Taskjuggler by any backlog system+ such as, but not limited to, Redmine with Redmine_Taskjuggler, and; * helps anyone “bridge the gap between projects and resources”:http://redmine.mann.fr/projects/ways-and-means in +any methodology+ and +any tool set+. Re{project}source’s objective is to prepare dynamic release roadmaps and/or budgets by methodologically aggregating available systemic information +from work backlogs+ and from other sources in a forecasting system.

  • Environments
  • The demo is available here : http://redtask.configmagic.com/ (needs update) It is a vanilla Redmine 2.3 installation, so the admin password is admin:admin. You will need TaskJuggler 3 installed on your computer to make it work. It doesn’t seem very happy right now.

  • Git Branches
  • git_branches There are three main GIT branches: Master … This is the main development branch. Architecture … I think this is a cleanup branch on something very, very unstable to be merged to Master. 0.1 … This is the branch that has the current stable code. I should just be behind Master There can be temporary branches off Master to handle the different issues. These are labelled Issue###-What_the_issue_does.

  • User Remarks
  • user_remarks_to_integrate Get TJ fields visible in views. Defaut all tj_activated fields to true Comment to Redmine that time is not an available field

  • Making Sense of Git Branches
  • Trying to make sense of the state of the code. I have three GIT copies: redmine_taskjuggler c\redmine_taskjuggler -> has komodo project file n\redmine_taskjuggler Here are the Branches: 0.1.1-alpha 0.1.2-beta architecture issue33 issue35 master chris2fr corrections issue28 issue29 mak without_version Here are the tags * 0.1.0-alpha.1,2,3 Here are the remotes naminko999, naminko999wov, origin upstream

  • Chris Other Notes