Taskjuggler as a Service

Taskjuggler as a Service : * proposes and offers an open-source plugin Redmine_Taskjuggler with +Taskjuggler as planning management+ and +Redmine as a backlog tool+; * offers “Taskjuggler as a service”:http://redmine.mann.fr/projects/taskjuggler-as-a-service for simple cloud +use of Taskjuggler by any backlog system+ such as, but not limited to, Redmine with Redmine_Taskjuggler, and; * helps anyone “bridge the gap between projects and resources”:http://redmine.mann.fr/projects/ways-and-means in +any methodology+ and +any tool set+.

Re{project}source’s objective is to prepare dynamic release roadmaps and/or budgets by methodologically aggregating available systemic information +from work backlogs+ and from other sources in a forecasting system. The methodology can be anything from Agile to waterfall. The backlog and forecasting systems can be paper, spreadsheet, or software.

The advantages of a constructed model are : * better use of available information sooner, * a common language for more efficient arbitration, * anticipation of information needs to stakeholders, * and ultimately reinforced tranquility of team members.

Taskjuggler as a Service is made available with team managers, project managers, team members, executive officers, and others in mind. I hope you find what you need, and perhaps even contribute.