The main todo is now managed in the issue management system of GitHub here :

Here is a wish list for later on:

  • Native integration with Taskjuggler 3 (also in Ruby whereas TJ2 was in C / QT) However, they seem to use different versions of Ruby (1.9.3 versus 2.0)

Thoughts on what I am doing now by Christopher Mann

Initially used for a 22-person IT department in Redmine v.0.9 and Taskjuggler v.2, today this update was for a 4-person development team in Redmine v2.X and Taskjuggler v.3. However … Well I’ll finish the update anyway.

The basic idea was to use Redmine as a missing GUI for Taskjuggler, at least in tracking. At the time, my own programming was quick and dirty. I was under time pressure myself. The main error, I think, was using custom variables that needed to be manually configured in Redmine. So, as I debug for the current version of Redmine, I will also incorporate a proprietary data model into this plugin.

This plugin may have different features for different uses, especially after we fuse it with Workload. Inxbil is the first to really bring about a novel way of using integration with Redmine in a way I had not foreseen.

Specific work items that should be in the GitHub issue Tracker

This is a file of things to do in order to put some sense into redmine_taskjuggler.

I just started a website for, so I would like to publish that. I will start on * DONE Declare domain and to point to ovh server The OVH Server is and 2001:41D0:0052:0A00:0000:0000:0000:089b This is not working. For some reason the DNS request doesn’t seem to make it yet on * DONE Setup a static website for on the ovh server * DONE Put the files generated with EMacs Org Mode in /var/www/taskjuggler * DONE Configure a virtual host to recognize * DONE Point and to ovh server * DONE Setup virtual host for and See comment above about subdomaines on

  • TODO Go through all the code in users/christopher/draft
  • TODO Look into user/inxbil code
  • TODO TimeEntry calibrating
  • TODO Initiate doc directory (not very organized)
  • TODO Add fields to issues views (which ones?)
  • TODO Manage priorities
  • TODO On-the-server execution
  • TODO Between-servers execution

  • TODO Change timeingresolution to enumeration 5, 10, 15, 30, 60min

  • TODO Add fields to Views : Project, User, TimeEntry

  • TODO Add fields to mass-edit dialogue

  • TODO Update demo server and have demo roles, as well as demo scenarios

  • TODO Cool idea : setup public compilation server for anyone to use

  • TODO Re-establish categories and versions in taskjuggler reports

  • TODO More accounting integration

  • TODO Field for reports specifications (text, uploadable)

  • TODO Nested tasks

  • TODO Aribtrary groups

  • TODO Look into modelisation options from Taskjuggler and those accessible by RedmineTaskjuggler and mapping the difference

  • TODO Right-click edit

  • TODO Create a website for this project

  • TODO Close Workload

  • DONE Factorize code

  • DONE Migrate custom-fields to own data model

    • DONE Augment Issues, Projects, Ressources
    • DONE Add fields to issue update
  • DONE Institute test procedures

  • DONE CSV import

  • DONE TJP export

  • DONE Take screen shots (in wiki and in doc I think)

  • DONE Incoporate Workload into this plugin