Service Offering for SMBs

(Disclamer: this is a translated French-language text under proofreading.)

Proposed capacity-planning approach for teams

Target companies:

  • Companies with a portfolio of IT projects to manage,
  • Any company managing a portfolio of projects with human and material resources, with subcontractors and clients,
  • Computer editors,
  • Companies of realization of devices made to measure.

Nature of the offer:

  • Provision of a complete information system on resources and organizational chart of project portfolio tasks,
  • The level of modeling depends on the level of information available in this portfolio,
  • The offer of service does not require, a priori, a collection of additional information.

Implementation of the offer:

  • 1st phase: prototyping (one week),
  • Then implementation over time: eg 1 day / week for several months.

Benefits of this service:

  • Mastery of data: Ex: if a task is shifted, we know how to measure the shift with the holidays of the people concerned.
  • Better control of deadlines: Ex: highlighting a delayed task during the holidays of a resource.
  • Control of inter-project impacts: Ex: impact on project B when project has delayed.
  • Value Mastery: Ex: Resource costs and project revenues can be recorded side by side. Constructive management control.
  • Keeping regular updates of activity reports at regular intervals.
  • Pre-fill Activity CRs.
  • Bring a mirror effect to team management. The model takes the logic and organization of the company into entries.
  • Model the commitments with the subcontractors.
  • Give the project managers the commitment of the team managers.

In conclusion, this service allows:

  • to rationalize the production from the same nomenclature between the supplier and the customer as within each entity,
  • to ensure to employees and subcontractors a serenity of regular work that will be requested,
  • to give dates that are validated mathematically from structuring hypotheses,
  • strengthen confidence in the dates announced to end customers,
  • to be compatible with the state of the art in the organization of IT projects (SCRUM / AGILE, CMMI, Prince2 / PMI, etc.)